What is Barista Stories?

Baristas are the new bartenders!

  Marco at Cafe Kraft, Berlin, always a top host.

Marco at Cafe Kraft, Berlin, always a top host.

Baristas have a peculiar job. In former times, the bartender was a connection between hospitality, service and really knowing someone, or not at all. The people would come, tip a hat or a wink of the eye, their drink would appear in front of them, and they might engage in some chat with their bartender. I have countless memories of wonderful talks between me and my guests behind the stick so to speak, and one thing I noticed when I transitioned into specialty coffee was,  my role now is not so much different. Baristas now fulfill this same role. how could they not, we see the same people a couple of times a day, sometimes every day of the week. The customers are not just people who buy our products, but they are also our friends, our guests. And what more, the shops we work in, the cities we see every day are part of our story as much as we are part of theirs. 

We all know the quotes and goals of many baristas, coffee shop owners and even guests, why they love coffee and their hopes for the future. But Barista stories is all about the day to day. The things we see, the people we meet, the great days at work, and the very worst, when not even the kitchen sink works the way it should. 

Baristas are the new bartender. And barista stories is all about that day to day. Have a read, or even contribute if you wish. If you have a story to tell, tell it here, we want to know it.