Why did I start Coffeejnkie?

Since starting this site, I got a number of questions, but one of them was, why did you start Coffeejnkie, aren't there enough websites about coffee? Truth be told, yes there are a lot of coffee websites and I like a large number of them. I have been a barista for nearly three years now, and I love the things I get to do in my job, from the people I meet and connect with, and the stories I hear or see happening every day. my wanted to add something positive to my work life, my passion and my hobby.

I would never claim to be an expert, or a master. There are baristas that I meet everyday that are so knowledgeable and work so hard at their craft on a daily basis. I can hardly compete. But I always try my best and this website is an extension of that. Coffeejnkie is me sharing my day to day life and the things I see, the people I meet and the places I go. Coffee is my happy place, and often my drug. From day one I was addicted. I hope you enjoy my page.